Private Curation and Picture Hanging

The combinations and locations of your artwork can transform the look and feel of your space. When it comes to curation, Peter is happy to take the lead or take direction from you; it's very much a collaborative process as the hang will reflect your personality as well as presenting your art in the best light. You might require absolute precision or a mixture of works to be presented artfully as a gallery wall - either way Peter has a wealth of experience and can suggest and advise depending on size, colour, light and the relationships between pictures. Whether completely lost with where to start and needing a fresh eye to breathe new life into your collection, or simply looking for a professional technician to safely get pictures and mirrors up and follow your plan, we can help.

Why use Hangman?

With a masters in Art History, a career as a painter and an array of art-based crafts - carpentry, framing, gilding and conservation - under his belt, Peter offers an unusual combination of skills in having an artist's eye in tandem with the highest level of practical competence. His easy manner, no fuss attitude and willingness to take on the most complicated of hangs, has earned him an excellent reputation.

Our Process

Peter does not require an initial consultation visit, unless you would prefer this. On the day, he'll meet you, discuss your artwork, consult and plan accordingly and begin the hang. He arrives with all potential fixtures and fittings and will replace anything unsuitable on the back of your frames. He also assesses each wall on its merits and with detectors, checks what lies within. If ladders or scaffolding are needed then they will be provided. Safety is of course paramount and Hangman carries full public liability insurance.

Where we work

We cover London, the Home Counties and further afield depending on the scale of the project

How we charge

We work on an hourly rate and can provide a day rate for more extensive jobs. Peter has several assistants he works with who can help in the case of very large pictures, a great quantity of pictures or when you want a big job completed more quickly, but he will always attend your hang himself.


Do I need to prepare my house and art in advance of your visit?

No, not at all. So long as the works are accessible I have everything I need and can discuss any locations you have in mind on the day.

How long will it take to hang my house?

On average a standard London Victorian terraced house can be planned and hung in a day to a day and a half, to include an hour or two of planning. I can hang about 5-6 pictures (of varying sizes) per hour, around 40-50 pictures per day. At the other end of the scale, we have taken 4-6 days rehanging a substantial stately home.

Do you offer a curation consultation as a standalone service?

I am happy to consult without actually hanging any pictures and simply advise on placement and selection of artworks.

Will you work alongside other interiors professionals?

I am very happy to work with interior designers, builders and other professionals and do so regularly.

Will you hang my exhibition in an art gallery?

I regularly hang exhibitions for artists, art dealers and galleries and in venues traditional and unusual

What hours do you work?

I try to keep my working hours to an 8 hour day, with very few breaks, but I will fit into your schedule as best I can including early starts and later finishes. I would always complete a hang the same day if possible, in order to avoid a return visit. I work evenings where absolutely necessary, but not weekends.

Do you charge for travel time?

I do not charge for time spent travelling, but I do ask for my fuel costs for jobs beyond the M25.

Do you bring all necessary materials and tools with you to the job?

I bring everything with me in my vehicle and provide all necessary fixtures and fittings


'We have used Peter's services for many years at the Sladmore Gallery. I cannot recommend him highly enough. As an artist himself he has an excellent 'eye' and knows the best way to hang pictures, or display sculpture that is aesthetically just right. He is one of the very few people I trust to hang a whole exhibition without my own input and he never lets me down. He recently completely re-organised and hung over 100 paintings in my own home, it’s never looked better.'


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