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Frequently Asked Questions

Hangman FAQ

Do I need to prepare my house and art in advance of your visit?

No, not at all. So long as the works are accessible I have everything I need and can discuss any locations you have in mind on the day.

How long will it take to hang my house?

On average a standard London Victorian terraced house can be planned and hung in a day to a day and a half, to include an hour or two of planning. I can hang about 5-6 pictures (of varying sizes) per hour, around 40-50 pictures per day. At the other end of the scale, we have taken 4-6 days rehanging a substantial stately home.

Do you offer a curation consultation as a standalone service?

I am happy to consult without actually hanging any pictures and simply advise on placement and selection of artworks.

Will you work alongside other interiors professionals?

I am very happy to work with interior designers, builders and other professionals and do so regularly.

Will you hang my exhibition in an art gallery?

I regularly hang exhibitions for artists, art dealers and galleries and in venues traditional and unusual

What hours do you work?

I try to keep my working hours to an 8 hour day, with very few breaks, but I will fit into your schedule as best I can including early starts and later finishes. I would always complete a hang the same day if possible, in order to avoid a return visit. I work evenings where absolutely necessary, but not weekends.

Do you charge for travel time?

I do not charge for time spent travelling, but I do ask for my fuel costs for jobs beyond the M25.

Do you bring all necessary materials and tools with you to the job?

I bring everything with me in my vehicle and provide all necessary fixtures and fittings

Do you have access to framers who will work to all budgets and design requirements?

The framers we use have been chosen because of their range of skills and price points.

Do you offer picture framing as a standalone service?

Our picture framing service goes hand in hand with our hanging service and should be complementary to the overall process.

Do you offer picture lighting as a standalone service?

Our picture lighting service goes hand in hand with our hanging service and should be complementary to the overall process.

Do you offer your bespoke mirrors as a standalone service?

Ordinarily it is an add-on to the curation/hanging service, but please call us to discuss your requirements.

Will your mirror craftsman work to all budgets and design requirements?

The mirrors our suppliers create are hand crafted and produced to the highest standard, but remain competitively priced. We will always try to work to fit in with your budget.

How does drop off/delivery work with your framing service?

So long as I can fit your pictures in my vehicle, I will take your pictures to the framer and then deliver them back to you when framed.

Picture Hanging

How do I hang multiple pictures?

Pick your centre piece, get it at the right height and in the centre of the space. That one piece will dictate where everything else sits. You will need a long level and patience

How do I hang my pictures straight?

Use side fittings instead of wire and make sure those are level

Where do you hang a wall clock?

There is no hard and fast rule, but I would rarely hang a wall clock in a dining room, sitting room or bedroom

How much weight can a picture hook hold?

It depends on the picture hook and the wall itself, but if you are going over 10kg I would recommend an expert's opinion. I generally use two hooks to be safe and to help keep pictures level

How do you hang a heavy picture on drywall?

Very carefully. Wall anchors in conjunction with the right fittings and if carefully used, can hold a lot of weight, but I would advise you call a professional

Can Command Strips hold picture frames?

Up to a limited weight, they can. They do damage your paint and plasterwork when removing though, and this should be considered

Should you put pictures on every wall?

Absolutely not. Breathing space is as important as picture space in a hang

Should you hang pictures above your bed?

If they are heavy make sure they are fixed properly, but there's no reason not to

Where do you hang pictures in a room?

The centre of any given wall is a good place to start, but allow your furnishings to inform your decision. Pictures can make furniture look like it's in the right spot and vice versa.

How do you hang a heavy picture?

It is best to hang a heavy picture not off wire, but from proper drilled-in fixings off the frames

Can you put framed pictures in the bathroom?

Yes, if they are sealed properly. Obviously avoid watercolours.

Do you centre pictures on walls or over furniture?

Unless it is a fireplace or a sofa, or something equally strong, I  more often than not give the walls precedence

How far apart should two pictures be hung?

The size of the works and the size of the wall indicate how best to space your pictures

Should all pictures be hung at the same height?

Yes, it helps the flow of your artwork if the centre of all the pictures in one given space, or eyeline, are the same.

How can I hang pictures without nails?

Brass picture hooks, hard wall hooks and even drilled-in fittings are more reliable than nails and should be used in preference once you have taken weights and wall consistency into consideration

What is the correct height to hang a picture?

This can vary on a number of factors. Firstly the height of your room can affect where pictures are best placed, generally speaking a taller room needs higher pictures. Secondly, the function of your room can affect the height. I generally hang lower in sitting rooms and bedrooms for instance as it creates a more intimate feeling. Thirdly, your height can affect picture heights. You want to meet the middle of the picture at eyeline, so if you are a tall household this line will be better higher up. And finally, as a standard measure, the centre of your pictures should be roughly 160cm from the floor.

Picture Framing

Should picture frames match in a room?

No, not unless it's a series of works hung together

How do you wire a heavy picture frame?

With heavy duty wire. But if it's overly heavy, side fittings are better

Where do you put the wire on a picture frame?

One third of the way down from the top

Picture Lighting

How do I know what picture light will best suit my pictures?

There are two criteria you need to think about. The practical i.e. some picture lights will disrupt the way some frames hang on the wall, and the aesthetic i.e. some modern pieces won't be suited to more traditional fittings.

How can I tell which pictures would benefit most from additional lighting?

It's a simple fact that some pictures come alive with extra lighting while others can survive very well without it. When lighting your pictures you have to think about the lighting more broadly in your room and give your space 'highlights' to create symmetry within it. Just as lighting some works can accentuate a room, it's important not to be afraid of the odd atmospheric darker corner


How do you hang a heavy mirror?

This can slightly depend on the wall you're hanging it on, I usually use large brass strap-hangers and strap-hooks drilled safely in to both frame and wall