Picture Lighting

In addition to curation and hanging, we also offer help with lighting your pictures, in order to provide a comprehensive art service.

Lighting, whether diffused or pinpoint, can significantly change the feel of your rooms and pictures.  

How can Hangman help?

It's our aim to make lighting decisions simpler and take the work out of the whole process.  We can help advise on what will best work with your space and using trusted professionals and suppliers organise for this process to be completed competently and to the highest standard.

Our Process

If simply a matter of connecting existing light fittings, Peter offers this as part of his regular service. If however, you are still unsure how light fittings might help you and what to order, then we will make introductions to the right people and give you some preliminary guidance, in order to help you make the right choice.

Where we work

We operate our lighting service in London, the Home Counties and further afield depending on the project.

How we charge

Aside from a standard handling fee, the cost is the same as if you'd contacted the picture light supplier directly.


Do you offer picture lighting as a standalone service?

Our picture lighting service goes hand in hand with our hanging service and should be complementary to the overall process.


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