In addition to curation and hanging, we also offer help with sourcing bespoke mirrors in order to provide a comprehensive art service.

Mirrors prove to be a vital aspect of most domestic hangs and their placement can alter the play of light and the feeling of space within your home.

How can Hangman help?

We will always make sure your mirrors are supported by the correct fittings and that they are safely in the right spot. We also offer a bespoke mirror service for areas that could benefit from additional light or simply punctuation in the pictures.

Our Process

We can suggest a range of suitable mouldings and finishings depending on how you would like your mirror to look and what you want to spend. We'll then place the order for you with the craftsman and the new mirror will be delivered to your home.

Where we work

We operate our bespoke mirror ordering service in London, the Home Counties and further afield depending on the project.

How we charge

Aside from a standard handling fee, the cost is the same as if you'd contacted our supplier directly.


Do you offer your bespoke mirrors as a standalone service?

Ordinarily it is an add-on to the curation/hanging service, but please call us to discuss your requirements.

Will your mirror craftsman work to all budgets and design requirements?

The mirrors our suppliers create are hand crafted and produced to the highest standard, but remain competitively priced. We will always try to work to fit in with your budget.


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